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Published on Thursday, 17 Nov 2022

3 Features of Profitable Ecommerce Sites

3 Features of Profitable E-Commerce Sites

The UK has one of the most advanced e-commerce markets in Europe and online shopping has become a norm for customers. This is great for businesses looking to move their trade online, but with such a crowded market consumers have high standards for their online shopping experience. In this article we share three key features the top e-commerce sites use to convert traffic into sales.

1. Offer Guest Checkouts

To convert customers it is important to make it as simple as possible for shoppers to purchase your products. According to Stripe, 60% of shoppers will abandon their cart if the checkout process takes longer than 2 minutes. Including a guest checkout accelerates the buying process and increases the likelihood of a successful purchase by reducing the number of steps a customer needs to make to be able to buy your product.

Additionally, guest checkouts will give your customers greater confidence when shopping with you for two main reasons. Firstly, for security conscious shoppers a guest checkout offers them safety as they know you will not store their financial data. Secondly, in an era where privacy is at the forefront of users' minds, they do not have to worry about you storing their personal details and bombarding them with marketing emails.

This isn’t to say you can’t convert your guest shoppers to registered users. Instead of requiring sign up before ordering, try offering customers a chance to create an account after completing an order through the guest checkout. When coupled with an incentive, such as a discount code or the ability to track their orders, this can be an effective approach to converting guest shoppers.

2. Create An Intuitive User Experience

Getting traffic to your website is the first hurdle, once shoppers are there you need to get them to where they need to be easily. From a business perspective it’s important for your customer to get to the product they need and through the checkout process as quickly as possible - if you make this process difficult you are more likely to have abandoned carts and lose sales.

So how can you do this? For smaller e-commerce sites with a limited product range it may be as simple as designing your site’s navigation bar into categories. For larger sites we would recommend intuitive searching and filtering tools that are easy to use and show relevant results. This could look like a search bar on the site’s navigation, filters on product listing pages or compatibility checkers (e.g. car registration look up to filter for relevant parts).

The easier it is for customers to find the product they need the higher the chance your site has to generate sales. Not only this, but it will provide a great user experience which can set you apart from your competition and lead to repeat sales.

3. Optimise Your Site For Mobile

In the age where the smartphone is king it is surprising how many websites fail to design their websites with mobile users in mind. According to Statista, 66% of e-commerce orders in the UK were made using a smartphone in Q2 2022, so in order to capitalise on this market it’s imperative that your site performs well on mobile.

Some practical tips for e-commerce sites include:

  • Don’t copy and paste your desktop site design for mobile. Maybe you have a large hero image on your desktop site, check if the image fits on mobile and if not consider changing the image to make a better impression on shoppers.
  • Include effective searching and filtering tools. With a smaller screen it’s harder to display as many products than on a desktop, so provide ways to get your shoppers to the product they need.
  • Make use of unique gestures that can only be done on a mobile. For example, it is more intuitive to scroll sideways on a mobile and can be a great way to display lists of featured or related products.

These three key features are a must for e-commerce sites operating today. Incorporating them into your own site is guaranteed to create a great user experience that wins over customers and generates more sales.

If you have an existing e-commerce store that would benefit from implementing these features or are looking to start a new project, get in touch to see how our team could help.

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