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Published on Thursday, 29 Sept 2022

SEO Spotlight: 5 Ideas Of Content To Boost SEO

SEO Spotlight: 5 Ideas of Content to Boost SEO

In our previous article we gave a brief overview of what SEO is and why regularly posting new content helps boost your search engine ranking - if you missed it check it out here. In this article we’ll provide some ideas for content you could produce on your own website.

The idea of having to regularly create some content to post on your website can seem tiresome and irritating to some - especially when you already have a long to-do list for your business! So to help out, we’ve provided a list of different types of content you can create and hopefully you’ll find something that resonates with your business and can provide value to your customers.

News Articles / Blog Posts

The most common solution for businesses is to add a news or blog section to their website that is used to publish updates on the company and commentary on industry news. This can be time consuming to maintain but is an effective way to improve SEO especially when stories are shared on social media.

Case Studies

An alternative solution for service-focused businesses would be to regularly write case studies. For example, if you were running a kitchen installation company you could write a few words and provide some images on each job completed and upload to the website. Not only would this boost SEO by providing new content, but also acts as a great way to showcase your business.

Photo Galleries

In a similar vein to case studies, a photo gallery of new products or recent jobs completed may be an easier solution to maintain. As well as providing new content, images are a great way to engage website visitors and convince them to buy your product or service. Don’t forget to include a caption to make use of keyword optimisation to help boost SEO!

Testimonials / Customer Feedback

New content doesn’t have to mean lots of work and new page generation. A simple option could be to have a section of your website dedicated to testimonials and occasionally updating new feedback. As the content would have changed on a section of your website it will still cause search engines to re-index your website and increase SEO.

Video Content

There is no doubt that videos are the most engaging form of content since it makes up the majority of web traffic today and it can be a great way to boost your website’s ranking. With a bit of initial effort, it has the potential of great returns especially when coupled with social media like YouTube as you may have the opportunity of your video appearing as a “Suggested Clip” on a Google search.

We hope you enjoyed the SEO Spotlight mini-series! As we’ve explained, posting valuable content regularly is key to ranking highly on search engines and hopefully this article has given you some inspiration for content you could create for your own website.

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