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Hosting Overview
Our team is experienced in hosting everything from performant websites, to robust data processing pipelines in the cloud. We are experienced with the three primary cloud service providers (AWS, GCP & Azure), however we will often learn toward AWS due to it’s competitive pricing, established market position and familiarity. Hosting charges will always be transparent. Cloud infrastructure is separated into customer accounts and cost breakdowns are available for individual products. For those wishing to manage their own infrastructure, accounts can be transferred from the Clear Horizon Digital parent account to the customer’s account. For customers looking to move on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, we offer a migration path on a case-by-case basis depending on product architecture. This may range from a lift-and-shift approach, to reworking of existing architecture to facilitate modern infrastructure such as serverless.
Architecture Overview
From single page static sites, to complex integrated systems - all software has an architecture. At Clear Horizon Digital we pride ourselves on distilling the simplest project architectures. The more complicated a product’s architecture, the more difficult it will be to maintain and extend. For all but the simplest projects, we provide documentation and High Level Designs (HLD) to facilitate technical handovers. Customers looking for consultation on re-architecting legacy projects due to cost, performance or security concerns may benefit from our Digital Health Check service.
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