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Support Overview
Software support can entail a range of services - broadly speaking it is the process of ensuring software is performing the way it’s supposed to. This may include triaging incidents, reviewing analytics and improving performance. At the core of an effective support package is monitoring - the process of automatically detecting failures within a product (i.e. high numbers of failed requests; slow response times or complete outages). We will always build software with integrated monitoring and alerting so incidents can be responded to while incurring the minimum possible impact. All software has different support requirements. Our support packages range from fully hands-off, to 24/7 on-call engineers. For customers with less complex products or a limited budget, this may be as simple as a automated alerting via an e-mail if the product encounters issues. For those with more complicated projects and traffic profiles, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is available for peace of mind.
Maintenance Overview
All software requires maintenance to some degree. In the case of a website, this involves tasks like updating software versions, reviewing security patches, managing SEO and renewing domain registrations. When left unchecked, routine maintenance builds up and becomes a challenge to bring back to current standards. We include routine maintenance in our support offering. Depending on the project, this may just be a monthly version upgrade & annual domain/TLS renewals. Projects with significant complexity will often require a more tailored approach.
Retroactive Support & Maintenance
If you have a product that is not performing as you expect, we may be able to offer a retroactive support package to bring the product back to full service. Whether it is lagging performance, security vulnerabilities or poor customer experience - there is always a resolution available. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your specific needs.
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