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Web Design Overview
You want a website that captures the attention of your audience, represents your business and delivers results. Good website design is the process of creating a user interface and user experience that does just that. Successful designs require a clear understanding of the business value a website needs to bring, and this is different for everyone. Whether you need an online store to display and sell products, or a website that shows off your services and generates new leads, we create coherent designs that push the user in the right direction. The design process is also about producing a site that reflects your business, using your branding and values to create something truly unique. Our team will use their creative expertise to bring your website to life and ensure that function meets form.
Our Process
As part of the discovery phase of our process we’ll spend time learning about your business and what makes it tick. This groundwork ensures that we create a design that reflects your values and showcases your services. Whether you have an existing idea or need inspiration, we will work with you to understand the look and feel you want your website to have. Then it's time to get the creative juices flowing! We will put together what is called a ‘low fidelity’ design, where we start truly bringing your website to life. The output of this is a basic layout of your website, with brand colours and fonts included, but without specific copy or images. This initial step is important to ensure we can gather vital feedback before starting on those all-important finishing touches. It is at this stage where we can test the function and feel of your website, ensuring it will engage your customers and drive them to take action. Lastly we will create the final design of your website which will be a fully-fledged prototype with images and copy. We aim to design and get sign-off of the website in sections to allow the programming of the website to run concurrently with designs meaning your website launches to market sooner. Throughout our entire process you will have plenty of opportunity to feedback into the designs. We believe that every business is different and at the result of working with us will be a website that reflects the uniqueness of your company and delivers results.
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